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Buy A Business That Creates Generational ( Passive ) Income With The Help Of A Private Equity Firm

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If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck and unfulfilled, having the financial means to invest but not getting the returns you expect.

Or you feel trapped in the same old routine having no escape plan.

Maybe you just feel like you’re going round in circles getting nowhere...

Have you asked yourself what’s more to life because you have watched others achieve the success you deserve?

Or are constantly wondering why it feels like you are getting nowhere even if you are working really hard. 

But more than anything, it always feels like you are missing out on life and the best things it has to offer. 

Hi we’re Quincy Faison & Liam Duffy And In This FREE Masterclass With Us You'll Learn:

  • How to find the right business for you to purchase. ( highly profitable ones )
  • How to run the business you find the right way to ensure success
  • How to make massive ROI with minimal risks and headaches in the M & A industry.
Are you prepared to do real work to make real rewards?

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Meet Your Presenters

Quincy Faison 

Quincy Faison is a Bucknell University graduate with a dual degree in Economics and Legal Studies and went on to start a career with a successful stint at IBM, where he mastered the foundations of software and application development. 

Quincy also founded Faison Capital, a private equity firm with a portfolio of wholesale and manufacturing companies offering maximized returns for a select group of investors. Additionally, he is also the founder and host of The Entrepreneur’s World, an innovative weekly podcast providing vital thought leadership and solid business advice to entrepreneurs across America, from streamlining businesses to improving profit margins to building and developing investment portfolios.

VERY Limited Seating - Register Now!
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